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Anuttara India

Raw Silk Plain Black Silver Striped Stole

Raw Silk Plain Black Silver Striped Stole

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Anuttara Fabric Dupatta & Stole (AFDU1029) – Raw Silk Plain Black Silver Striped Stole

Make a bold and sophisticated statement with the Anuttara Fabric Dupatta & Stole in Raw Silk Plain Black Silver Striped (SKU: AFDU1029). Crafted from premium raw silk, this stole features a classic combination of black with silver stripes for an elegant touch.


Fabric: Raw Silk
Color: Black with Silver Stripes
Key Features:

Premium Raw Silk: The stole is crafted from high-quality raw silk, providing a luxurious texture for maximum comfort.
Classic Black with Silver Stripes: The timeless combination of black and silver stripes adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.
Versatile Elegance: The plain design with subtle silver stripes makes it suitable for various occasions, offering understated elegance.
Styling Tips:

Drape it over your shoulders or knot it stylishly for a chic look.
Pair it with both traditional and contemporary outfits for a versatile and elegant appearance.
Care Instructions:

Dry clean recommended to maintain the raw silk fabric's quality.
Store in a cool, dry place to preserve the stole's luxurious texture.
Elevate your style with the Anuttara Fabric Raw Silk Plain Black Silver Striped Stole—a classic accessory that effortlessly combines sophistication with versatility.
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